Plus Size Embracement: Curvy Women Take Over

  This cover of Ebony has given me so much life. These ladies are bold, confident, and beautiful. Not too mention that these ladies look flawless so a huge kudos out to the stylist that helped them flaunt their stuff. 

Plus size in America is deemed size 10 and up. With that being said, just about everyone I know is there or sitting on the dock of the bay…lol. 

Seriously, you have to embrace yourself where you are. If you’re a 10 and you feel flawless, continue to walk in stride and keep it pushing. There are so many society handles on what’s deemed beautiful and what’s not. I’m at a point where I know who I am and I embrace it. The things that I don’t like, I work on. The things I do love, I work harder to perfect them. I like to deem myself “PERFECTLY IMPERFECT”. 

These women standing in confidence, will inspire the next generation to not allow society nor social media to place a damper on their looks. Keep rocking it ladies! 



What is the Dallas Pin Show Exactly?

I recently posted some pictures on my IG in regards to the Dallas Pin Show. I have received several inquiries from people who just want to know exactly what the Pin Show is. So I’m going to break it down so you’ll be in attendance on next year.

The Pin Show is a fashion show that features collections from local established as well as new designers. The event is open to the public and is thrown together by Julie McCullough. The designers feature pieces from different categories. This year’s collections were in bridal, urban street wear, men’s wear, women’s wear, swim wear, jewelry and even hand painted bags by Wendistry. There was also live music from Zhora and friends and an aerial performer during intermission.

There’s no other fashion show like it so please get your tickets and tables for next year. It’s one show you’ve got to see in order to believe! Keep yourself in the mix by going to The website also has photo galleries from the show as well.