Plus Size Embracement: Curvy Women Take Over

  This cover of Ebony has given me so much life. These ladies are bold, confident, and beautiful. Not too mention that these ladies look flawless so a huge kudos out to the stylist that helped them flaunt their stuff. 

Plus size in America is deemed size 10 and up. With that being said, just about everyone I know is there or sitting on the dock of the bay…lol. 

Seriously, you have to embrace yourself where you are. If you’re a 10 and you feel flawless, continue to walk in stride and keep it pushing. There are so many society handles on what’s deemed beautiful and what’s not. I’m at a point where I know who I am and I embrace it. The things that I don’t like, I work on. The things I do love, I work harder to perfect them. I like to deem myself “PERFECTLY IMPERFECT”. 

These women standing in confidence, will inspire the next generation to not allow society nor social media to place a damper on their looks. Keep rocking it ladies! 



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