Dallas Plus Size Takeover

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of covering this event. This show was put on by Nikki Rose of Girl Talk Salon with a goal to inspire. I must say that she accomplished just that. She had fierce models hit the runway that varied in age from 22 to 60. Yes, each woman brought her own unique flare with a variety of body types and personality.

As I sat there watching the show, there were 3 ladies that grabbed my attention. Immediately afterwards, I went to them to find out who they were and was very pleased with what they shared. Each one of these ladies had a story of inner strength which gave them an extra boost of confidence. These ladies took their steps in stride which relayed to the crowd.

The first one, Jeanna McManus from Oklahoma City is 49 and gorgeous. This mother of two is not just beauty but has brains as well. Once she completes her dissertation she will receive her Doctorate Degree. She’s also represents the growing number of women entrepreneurs since she’s owned her insurance agency since 2007. Based on her walk I was certain that she had been modeling for quite some time. Surprisingly, she informed me that she’s been modeling for only 4 years and strives daily to perfect her craft.

Designer: Rose Malone

When asked why she chose to be apart of the production she said there was a great feeling and she knew she had to participate. For her, the most enjoyable moment was seeing this huge number of plus size women come together and give each other that extra boost of confidence. She is very graceful and poised on the runway so do keep your eye on her. She’s involved in several upcoming shows including Essence of Curves in Nola. Her words of encouragement is to step out and do it, as you never know how far it will go.

Second on my interview list, Myesha Nicole. This 34 year old mother of 4, BROUGHT IT! She had a walk that grabbed your attention. Anyone present could see that she was serious about honing her skill. Modeling everything from a tutu, denim, and my favorite was a criss-cross halter swimsuit paired with fishnets and pumps. This young lady was in heavy rotation during the show. She’s signed with the Great Entertainment Incorporation and has modeled for Master Piece African Boutique as well. The natural cut she rocks was the perfect compliment to give her the perfect dose of edginess and class. Her message to Dallas, “WE ARE BOLD AND WE ARE HERE“. She travels to participate in different shows as well so be sure to keep your eye on her she’s definitely going places.

Photography: TRS Photography

Designer: Code Fresh

Last but certainly not least is Ms. Park Shun Hee from Corsicana, Texas. This 44 year old philanthropist and mother of 5 is such a caring soul. She has one biological daughter, two adopted daughters, and 3 foster daughter. As if that alone doesn’t capture your heart, this lady has lost a whopping 190 pounds! Yes, almost 200 pounds have been shed without any surgical procedure. She has many hats that she wears which include being a Certified Fitness Trainer, Runway Coach, Dancer, and Model. She’s also a survivor from domestic violence and loves sisterhood. She has a passion for mentoring and had three of her daughters participate in the show as well.

This diva was first in the show and managed to keep the crowd engaged during her performance. She was intentional wit her delivery. She walked, twirled, and even managed to squeeze in a little breakdown with Nicki Minaj which sent the crowd in a frenzy. This lady loves people and entertainment. I give her a grand salute because it’s not easy but she makes it look though it is.

Photo Credit: TRS Photography

Designer: Tymechia Smith

Nikki Rose, a hairstylist is to be applauded for even stepping into the plus size fashion forum. She had a vision and was able to execute it. I was one of the first in the building and was so happy to see the long line of people waiting to get inside. The city of Dallas was receptive in their support which made this show a huge success. As with anything, there’s always an amazing support team. Kudos to James Polk, Betty Tillman, Isacc Birdlong, Cratina Webb, and so many more. As a Curvy Influencer, I appreciate her executing the vision. Their isn’t a huge platform in Dallas and I know that will soon change. We have too many big girls and guys in a state that’s known for doing everything bigger. I’m excited to see what the future unfolds as the year continues.

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